To all the ladies in the place with style & grace…what’s better for turning a smart pair of shorts into a summertime staple than a little bit of lace? Let’s face it, you can’t wear your favorite jean cut-offs every day…so take a cue from Rag & Bone, who prove that a touch of this delicate fabric can add ladylike charm while maintaining a smart & stylish feel. Join us along with Who What Wear as we start the season off right with this sweet & sassy finish! 

To create: Cut two pieces of lace trim long enough to wrap around each leg opening with fabric scissors. Fasten trim to the inside of the shorts with straight pins. Lastly, sew the trim to the inside of the shorts to secure using a needle and thread. 

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The environment in which you make yourself beautiful deserves to be beautiful too! It’s no secret that we can’t get enough of everything ombré…so we used that, and our love of sand art to create this exclusive makeup brush display in collaboration with the new Nordstrom Beauty Spot. Form and function are the ultimate BFFs with this simple but stunning display piece.

To create: Pour 1/2 cup of ionized salt onto a surface and color it by rolling colored chalk onto the salt. Roll chalk over the salt until you’ve created the darkest hue possible (this will be your base color). Fill a small amount of the hurricane with the colored salt. To create the next (and lighter) hue, mix a small amount of plain salt with the colored salt, and pour this lighter hue into hurricane. Repeat by continuing to add plain salt to your base color, lightening each layer until you’ve filled 3/4 of the hurricane. Finish it off by inserting your makeup brushes. Create unique hues by mixing different chalk colors or design fun patterns.

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Springtime is the right time to invite nature into your home and throw a party; so this week we’re collaborating with the crafty crew at MakersKit to PS-ify their Hanging Terrarium Kit. Pops of color and textural accents add fun personality to the delicate tones of an air plant arrangement…so join in and learn why getting your hands dirty never looked so purdy! 

To create: Use a paint maker, add a pop of color to the rocks. Soak your air plant, submerging in water at room temperature for 10-20 mins, then set aside on paper towel. Fill your glass bulb with the rocks then layer moss and top it off with the air plant. Connect a jump ring to the top of the glass bulb then loop a long piece of paracord and hang where desired. Create a few arrangements in different colors for a fun mix. Air plants are easy to take care of, place it in indirect sunlight and spritz the plant every week with a water atomizer.